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Casting and Forging process

With the experience of a number of new casting and forging plant construction projects, we accumulate sufficient technology, know-how, and experience that other companies have not been able to achieve.

In addition, by utilizing the experience through these projects, we provide various types of service at customers’ requests such as the adoption of state-of-the-art technology and overseas manufacturers’ facilities with high quality at an affordable price.


Machining process and Assembly of Powertrain

We have been engaged in the machining process from the parts such as the engine, transmission, propeller shaft, etc. to assembly and testing. In addition, we have also been engaged in the logistics system inside these shops and connecting between each shop.


Press processing and vehicle body assembly

We provide both hardware and software for the production line which satisfies production capacity and quality standards required by customers. As a consequence, our specialized engineers take full responsibility for performing their part of the work stage to meet customers’ requirements in the following order “basic design” → “study of application” → “procurement” → “installation” → “commissioning” → “start-up”.


Painting process

Based on our wealth of experience and achievement, we provide comprehensive engineering related to the painting plant, such as the engineering from the initial design stage to the prototype and mass production stage in the vehicle development, engineering from basic planning stage to start-up stage applying environmentally oriented technology such as the one that is to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC), and energy-saving technology.


Vehicle assembly

We have been engaged in the accumulation of know-how related to the individual facility and development of specialized human resources in individual technical themes through the achievement of a wider variety of projects inside and outside Japan.

We are able to provide comprehensive services to customers’ various needs that single equipment manufacturers cannot match.


Construction・Utility facilities

A specialized department that carries out plant engineering is able to undertake from feasibility study including a selection of plant construction places to all-in basic planning, basic design, detailed design, construction supervision, construction management, inspection/acceptance inspection, handover for plant buildings and ancillary facilities.  By uniform management of construction works and production facilities, we are able to eliminate reworks in order to shorten the work period and to save the cost, and consequently, we are able to make a valuable contribution to the customers in their production preparation planning.


Project Management Service

A specialized department for the individual project carries out supervisory functions by monitoring from the beginning to handover of a project with views from outside. We have been engaged in project management of automotive plant construction work throughout inside and outside Japan, taking customers’ points of view and we have been well respected by these customers for our outstanding achievement.


Industrial machinery

We support design, planning and production establishment activities from non-automobile vehicles such as vehicles of construction and agricultural machinery, railway vehicles, to automobile parts plant and general industrial machinery by applying automotive engineering method.